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When your company goes through change it might not always be easy to find available resources within the organisation.

Adding temporary resources not only helps you implement the necessary change in time and budget, it also assures you to stay flexible for changing priorities / market conditions.

Our interim managers can provide help during:


° context of fast growing sales

(f.e. set-up an HR department,   professionalise financial reporting,...)

° mergers & acquisitions (f.e. integration projects)

° restructurations

° ERP implementations

° launch a new production line / product / market

° set-up a company / department from scratch

° ...


Our interim managers garantuee business continuity in unexpected situations in your organisation

People leave organisations every day, it is part of the actual reality. It is not always easy to cope with these, often, unexpected changes in human capital.

Forward can provide you finding the interim manager who can act as a plug-in solution in case of:

° maternity leaves

° sickness - long term absence

° increase of work load

° back-fill hires when people are temporary working on projects

° ...


A headhunting search for a permanent recruitment easily takes 5 to 6 months. Especially in the current market, where companies are faced with a war of talent, it is not always easy to find the right staff.

Therefore making the bridge with an interim manager may be the solution you need to assure the department can keep running business as usual.

Interim managers have at least 10 years of experience and provide you with the necessary knowledge as a plug-in solution.



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